Goliath Experience the World's Biggest, Most Powerful Wave-Rider Faster go faster than ever before in a wave-rider Further fly further than ever before on the ocean

Welcome to OceanFun!

Welcome to OceanFun Mossel Bay. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or just someone having a holiday and looking for some fun on the water, OceanFun is here to make sure that you have a good time.

We are also home to Goliath, at 1000 hp, it is the world’s biggest and most powerful wave-rider, sporting not one, but two V8 turbocharged engines! You have not been on a wave-rider before you have taken on Goliath and lived to tell the tale! So if you are brave enough, why not give the giant a go?

We are also working on adding the best deep-sea fishing charters in town to our activities in the future. So if you are a fishing enthusiast, make sure to watch this space. Once again, welcome to Mossel Bay and may you have an OceanFun time!

What we Offer

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Dare to Ride Goliath!

Dare to ride Goliath, the world’s biggest and most powerful wave-rider!

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Deep Sea Fishing

Coming soon. A new addition to the OceanFun activities. Watch this space!

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